Our story

OTGbaby was born out of a shark-tank style competition at my high school in 2018, Our team won and received seed money to develop our product and launch our business. After graduating, my co-founders got busy with other college interests and I became the sole owner of that company. Since then, my mentor, (my mom), joined me in this venture and together we are excited to bring OTGbaby to market. 

What we learned from our research with moms, dads, babysitters, and others was that it was worrisome and often difficult to find a clean and comfortable place to change a baby’s’ diaper while out and about and on-the-go.  

So, we decided to change that.

OTGbaby is a game-changer for anyone changing diapers anytime, anywhere.  OTGbaby is a portable changing station you bring with you no matter where your busy lifestyle takes you. 

OTGbaby is a lightweight, streamlined, densely cushioned changing station that you carry as a backpack. It is more than just a little changing pad though.  It has 2 inches of a cushioned contiguous pad for maximum comfort and can easily be wiped clean. Designed with a stylish neutral exterior, it can comfortably be worn by any gender. Men particularly have a tough time while on-the-go, as there are rarely (or no) changing tables in men’s rooms.

Face it, babies’ diapers need to be changed up to 10 times a day, no matter where you might be. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, in a park, on a hike or even at a friend’s home, you shouldn’t have to ask yourself, “Can I change my baby here?”

Our Story
Bullis School Shark Tank Winner 2018
Our Story OTGbaby
Barbara & Brett

OTGbaby takes the worry out of changing diapers – and brings you cleanliness, comfort, convenience, and style. Take OTGbaby with you anywhere you want to go. 

The little things that make your life easier are what makes spending time with your little one as more enjoyable. OTGbaby was designed with that in mind. Where you change your baby shouldn’t be an issue – parents have many important things to think about and changing your baby’s diaper shouldn’t be one of them.

Let OTGbaby bring you peace of mind, easy, clean and comfortable options for changing your baby, Anytime. Anywhere. 

We would love to hear your stories about how OTGbaby is a game-changer for you. Please share your photos and comments with us at info@otgbaby.com. 

The OTGbaby Team