Donte Palmer Partners with Pampers in his Movement #SquatForChange

28 Oct

Donte Palmer was out with his children when he realized it was time for a diaper change. Upon entering the bathroom, he faced what all fathers dread– no changing table. It is all too common for men’s restrooms to lack changing stations, leaving diaper duty as mom’s job. With no safe station in site, Palmer found himself with no option but to squat and use his legs to support his young one. As he squatted and changed the diaper, his older son captured a photo commemorating the injustice. Days later, Palmer uploaded the photo to his instagram with the caption “#SquatForChange.”

Just like that, the hashtag picked up traction. Other father’s captured their squatting moments and uploaded them to their respective social media. Months later, Donte has partnered with Pampers to install 5,000 changing tables in men’s restrooms.

If that isn’t cool enough, Palmer and Pampers got John Legend to join in on the movement. Pampers created a commercial starring Legend and other fathers.

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