Diaper Changing On-the-Go: 5 Steps to Worry-Free Diaper Changing in Public

diaper changing public
1 Sep

There are no two ways about it, finding a convenient and clean place to change your baby’s diaper while out and about can be challenging to say the least. Especially if you’re traveling and simply refuse to use dirty changing tables in restrooms or public places where available. Well here’s a couple of expert tips from moms in the know. After all, Mothers know best.


Don’t Panic

Look, we have all been there. You changed the baby before you left the house knowing full well that you would be covered for the few hours that you were out meeting friends. Wrong! Just when you thought you could relax over your frothy green matcha, you sense (and smell), the next activity on your morning agenda. But where do you change your baby’s diaper in a public place? Well, the answer is comfortably and safely wherever you happen to be.


Fill you Diaper Bag with Essentials

And don’t leave home without your necessary baby needs, diapers, wipes, creams, a change of clothes, and hand sanitizer. You might even consider leaving a fully packed second diaper bag in your car that is always fully stocked to allow you to be out and on the go. Like in every part of life, preparation is the key to success!


Act Confident and Ignore

You can do it, and there’s no need to rush to your car. Simply find a clean area to gather the supplies and the perfect space, like your stroller, a booth, a bench, or your personal OTGbaby diaper changing station backpack, and pretend like nobody is watching. Well, they might be, but make no apologies, a happy and clean baby is all that matters. And with that attitude, no one should mind. If you’re organized and efficient, the dirty deed should be done in no time and not bother those around you (too much).


Celebrate Victory

See that wasn’t so bad, and only one dirty look. Simply find a proper receptacle to dispose of the dirty diaper and know that you are a warrior that can now go about your day and tackle anything, well almost. So do a little happy dance, enjoy the moment and pray for naptime. You’ve earned it.


Venture Out

It’s your time to start heading out with your baby and don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Make it easy on yourself with little to no judgment. Your baby will never remember the moment that things didn’t go perfectly, and neither will the guy in the coffee shop next to you who you will never see again. Go on that adventure, be prepared, forget about being perfect, have the right baby gear, and you and your baby will have a successful outing in public. And if all else fails…run to the car!

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